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  • Sergii Zhuk

    Sergii Zhuk

    Engineering Manager @ Facebook, Founder @ ProAndroidDev.com

  • Ravi Sahani

    Ravi Sahani

    Android | Kotlin | Tech Enthusiast | Learning new technologies | Cricket

  • Walmyr Carvalho

    Walmyr Carvalho

    Android Developer @ VanMoof 🚲🇳🇱, Google Developer Expert for Android & Community Manager 🇧🇷, Podcaster 🎙, Veggie 🌿, He/him ❤️.

  • Prajval Prabhakar

    Prajval Prabhakar

    Product Engineer at Go-Jek

  • Aritra Roy

    Aritra Roy

    Design-focused Engineer | Android Developer | Open-Source Enthusiast | Part-time Blogger | Catch him at https://about.me/aritra.roy

  • Amit Bhandari

    Amit Bhandari

    Android Enthusiastic (www.thetechguru.in)

  • Idan Atsmon

    Idan Atsmon

    Android Developer @IronSource

  • Jose Alcérreca

    Jose Alcérreca

    Developer Relations Engineer @ Google, working on Android

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