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📱Building Android Apps | Kotlin | Java | Open Source Enthusiast | Startup Enthusiast

Developing Android Apps has always been an interesting thing, starting from drawing the UI to writing its logic it has a different type of joy to see your app do things.

But wait! Does it look like this?

Codes like this will work for sure but reduce the readability and in case I have a common function for multiple activities don’t you think that its a weed break thing?😒

I believe that a real programmer is someone who knows how to hide feelings 😂 and we have to implement that skill on our apps as well using Inheritance.

To overcome…

Namaste Devs,

I had this feeling since I started writing codes as if what these big tech companies do to their app and they look super beautiful. I assume you all have seen CRED, AirBnB n others, seems like their UI designers are magical and so their devs are.

I always had this thought in my mind to make apps look like Miss World lol. but always got stuck in thinking how to make it???

They say if you are dependent on anything, you will fail somewhere. Is that right? Let’s explore…

Understanding Dagger is a bit clumsy task, you know why? because it has a different learning structure than most of the programming elements. When I was first learning dagger I thought it might come hard and it did, but the practice was what kept me going and I understood a better way to express it as well.

Some Bookish Therotical Thing which we all ignore but it has to be known.

Dagger 2 is dependency injection framework. It is based on the Java…

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